4 Tips To Overcome Procrastination When Working From Home

How to overcome Procrastination when working from home

You have your virtual office in central London working for you. And you’re working from home. However, no matter how disciplined and hardworking a person can be, everyone can end up procrastinating. This is especially true as more and more people are working from home. Putting work off is easy and it can have grave consequences.

Here are 4 tips we recommend to overcome procrastination when working from home.

1. Recognise you are procrastinating and why.


This can be difficult to do. You might have made a to do list, but you put off doing that important project. Or you start but you get distracted and do something else.

After realising you are procrastinating you have to recognise why you do it. This could be due to a number of reasons, commonly it’s due to some form of anxiety or perfectionism.

If the task feels too complicated or difficult break it up into smaller goals. Give each goal a realistic dead line and go after it. If you still feel like not starting, think of the negative impact procrastination can have on your life.

2. Get rid of all distractions.


Sometimes you might be tempted to check something out on Social Media or on the internet. Pretty soon you will have wasted an hour that you could have spent on doing your work. So put your phone on silent and get rid of all distractions.

3. Set a reward for every task you complete.


Create a to do list with two columns. One with work you want to do and other work you don’t want to do. Give yourself a reward for every task complete that you don’t like doing, it can be something small like eating some chocolate. Then do the task you want to do. Then alternate, this will make your to do list less intimidating.

4. Create a deadline for yourself.


This can be ahead of an actual dead line the project needs to be completed on. This way you will have finished the work ahead of time.

If all else fails Just remember what Shia LaBeouf (and Nike! 😉) have said JUST DO IT!

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