3 Simple Productivity Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Here’s City Virtual Hub’s take on breaking down that seemingly infinite task list and making your day more productive.

3 tips to make you more productive

3 tips to make you more productive

1. Complete key tasks first

It’s no secret that being present is a difficult task for anybody with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Focusing on the main, most important task you have to do first thing in your day, and not moving to the next thing till it is complete, will work wonders with getting through your to do list. You’ll get your current task done without having to switch back and forth between ten tasks, avoiding those numerous tiny distractions that come with multitasking, and over time, you’ll get more done that you realise. 

Your to-do list could be pages long, but if you really look at it there’s always going to be those two things that need to be done first. If you do the biggest, ugliest, scariest (and probably most important!) items on that list first, you’ll feel such a sense of productivity you’ll whizz through all the rest of the items on your list.

You can then look at your phone or emails again once it’s done!

Sites like ColdTurkey or Rescue Time can block social media sites that can distract you when working.

2. Create simple systems

Any repeated tasks in your day can be turned into a system. A system that can then ultimately be delegated to someone else if needed. In the early days of your startup you could find yourself doing everything from twitter updates to accountancy. No more time on your hands? Create a system for managing the tasks from beginning to end, and then write the process down. Then when you’re ready, you can show someone else how it’s done, and get them to take it over, freeing you up to do something else important.

If you’re a Google Apps customer, set up a Google Sites Wiki for your company - this can then be shared with specific people where required. Or simply keep a company handbook file in your Google Docs account which can then be shared and collaborated on with your team as it grows.

Are you simply too busy? Why not look at getting a Virtual Assistant. Sites like Moneypenny and Night And Day PA provide administrative and data entry support.

3. Time-block your calendar

Develop your to-do list further by blocking off times for each item. Whether you have an hour in the day to tackle it, or realistically think it can be accomplished in three – mark out the time in your day. Put on noise cancelling headphones, turn off your phone and complete it in that timeframe. Trust us - it works!

Sites like Toggl and Todoist can help you block your time and manage your task list.
Simple yet effective.

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