5 Benefits of Using a Virtual Office

5 Benefits of using a virtual office in London

If you’d like to lower your business costs and increase productivity, using a virtual office in London and allowing your staff to work remotely could be the answer. Here are 5 benefits of using a Virtual Office we’ve identified.

1. No commute time
2 to 3 hours a day commuting really adds up. This time spent getting ready for work and travelling to the office can be now be spent working, increasing not only productivity, but also leisure time, allowing you and your employees to be more focused.

2. Flexibility
The flexibility of a virtual office allows you and your employees to work where you want, when you want. Need to pick up the kids from school? Or run some daytime errands? Or be available for a call a client in a different time zone? No problem - you can work over lunchtime or whichever hours suit you and your clients best.

3. Scalability
As your business expands, services can be added (or removed) quickly, easily and cheaply. Much more so than when renting an office in the traditional sense. This is useful not only in the good times, but in the more difficult times for your business, when moving fast and being lean is what you and your clients need.

4. Access talent across the world
Need a presence in London for a new client or market you’re targeting, but are based overseas? No problem with a virtual office. You can maintain the appearance of a prime office location whilst not having to physically be there. This can benefit the new client relationship or help you win the business, or even attract the talent you require.

5. Low office costs
Having no office utility payments, operating costs, hardware or other required costs such as expensive rent, means you can pass on savings to clients and make a significant impact on your profit margin. These savings and increased profits can then be invested in other areas of your business as you grow.

So while having a virtual office may not be suitable for everyone, for the right business and where technology allows the freedom to work from anywhere, it can be an ideal alternative to the traditional office.