5 Ways to Make Your Business Look Bigger

Isn’t it hard to reassure clients your company is reputable when you first set out? Our City Virtual Hub team have some tips for reassuring potential clients you are established enough and large enough to handle their business.

Plan to make your business look and be bigger

Plan to make your business look and be bigger

1. Get a London postcode

Or better yet, a Soho postcode with City Virtual Hub! ;) Our postcode can speak volumes for your business – putting you right in the heart of the action while you can work wherever you choose. You can even list both your home address and your virtual office address – be it in Manchester or Malta. Giving your company different business addresses in different cities or even different countries, creates the image of success in your prospective clients eyes.

2. Register Your Company

Tax issues aside, registering your business with Companies House will certainly give your more clout with your clients. It’s often the first port of call when checking out who you are trying to do business with. Even if you set the company up and leave it dormant and operate as a sole trader, it can really help with your company’s “back story”.

It’s not as simple as setting up as a sole trader though, as you need to consider things like corporation tax and provide initial shareholder details. You might need to try out your company name before registering too - Dave’s Recruitment Company might not be the way forward when approaching new clients.
Check out our article on becoming a registered company versus being a sole trader here: http://www.cityvirtualhub.com/blog/should-i-set-up-as-a-sole-trader-or-limited-company 

3. Get A Decent Website

Your website is the virtual face of your business. The sleeker and more sophisticated it is, the better your business seems. You might want to invest in a professional designer for your website, or do it yourself using one of the many user-friendly creation platforms out there. 

Our review of website platforms might give you some ideas to get started: http://www.cityvirtualhub.com/blog/what-platform-should-i-use-to-build-a-website

Your website isn’t the only part of your online presence that needs to be professional. Obtaining a decent email address and providing links to at least your Twitter and Facebook channels on your website creates consistency and professionalism across the board.

4. Create A Physical Presence

You may be a sole-trader working from home, but having physical office space can speak volumes for your business. Impress clients by joining private members clubs in London – like our very own Union Club in vibrant Soho. 

By combining your virtual office with Union Club Membership you get both the Soho postcode and the quirky, relaxed atmosphere of the Union Club meeting rooms. A fraction of the cost of renting actual office space and the flexibility to meet clients right in the heart of London.

5. Get Yourself Out There

Sharing your own knowledge with the business community is a great way to make your company seem reputable. If people think you are trustworthy, chances are they think your business is too. Attend local and London networking events and conventions, set yourself up as a speaker wherever possible. 

Why not check out the Business Culture Exchange Meetup we help to run. The next event is on 27th June at the Union Club.

Find out more and register for your place here - http://www.meetup.com/Business-Culture-Exchange/

Developing your online and physical presence is a great way to make your business look bigger. Come down to our Union Club in Soho to find out more about us – we’d love to hear about what worked for your business too!