Are you an expert in your field? Is it time to go freelance?

Are you frustrated by being fixed to a desk 9-5? Feel like you could run your own business more efficiently? Perhaps it’s time to go freelance. 

Are you ready to go freelance?

Are you ready to go freelance?

You may find yourself walking the slippery tightrope between the exhilaration of being your own boss and the fear of going it alone. Or maybe you've just had a kid and are contemplating starting your own business rather than going back to work. How do you decide whether you are making the right decision for your future career?

It’s All A Question of Finances

Before you give up your day job, it might be an idea to delve into the finances and see whether you have enough savings for at least the next 6-8 months. Setting up everything, from your website to securing your first clients takes time, and you need to make sure your finances can take the hit.

Make A Transition Rather Than A Clean Cut

Part-time work may be the key to managing your finances alongside your fledgling business. Keeping your part time work within your chosen field could mean that you can also easily stay on trend with industry news while getting your startup off the ground. Having a bank of clients before you even quit part-time work will mean you can go into freelancing without such a high degree of risk.

Take Online Training

If you are uncertain on how to go about managing your financial income or how to best market your business, taking online training courses is a great place to start. For free online courses on a wide range of topics check out FutureLearn

Work Hard At The Beginning … Then Keep Working

Taking the time to ensure that you have your marketing material, online presence and client on boarding strategy in place before starting will save hours of work going down the line. Being prepared to work those extra evenings and nights is one thing, but getting everything streamlined from the start will solidify your brand, and also keep your delivery times on work accurate.

Be Prepared To Monitor Your Performance

As disciplined as you are in a structured workplace, you’d be surprised how many freelancers fall at the hurdle of self-discipline. Whether marking time with pen and paper, or using apps such as Toggl or ATracker, realising and then managing how you spend your time is vital; every minute counts in giving your business life some structure.

Thinking like a business is the key to your freelancing success. Get started with a virtual office from City Virtual Hub can help streamline your start-up from the get go. For more information on how to get set up today, please get in touch.