Five Secrets To Successfully Breaking Into The Startup Scene

So you’ve finally taken that big step, and you’re ready to launch your own business on the modern market. But in a world of bright ideas and new startups everywhere you turn, it can be difficult to make your venture stand out from the crowd. Here are our tips on how to make a splash on the scene.

Is it a marathon or a sprint?

Is it a marathon or a sprint?

Don’t get ahead of yourself

Nothing kills a start-up quicker than blowing your entire budget on a fancy launch. It might get you noticed in the beginning, but without steady funds you won’t be able to deliver a project that lives up to the hype. Instead, focus on perfecting what you have to offer and keep unnecessary frills down to a minimum. If you want to give off the appearance of a more established venture, why not consider getting a business address in London for your official correspondence and to display on your website?

Speak up

In the beginning, a lot of your startup’s success will hinge on your ability to sell your idea – so it’s important to know how to keep an audience engaged. Whether you’re chatting to potential investors or a meeting room full of people, any uncertainty or hesitance could be interpreted as a lack of confidence in your ideas. If you struggle with public speaking, why not attend a class or workshop to brush up your skills?

Learn to say no

When you’re just starting out, it can be tempting to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. But if you don’t take time to consider the practicalities, you’ll end up burning yourself out. Sure, you need to get your company out there, but you also need to weigh up the benefits of exposure against the costs/efforts involved – particularly as a new venture that is liable to get asked to do a lot of things for free.

Meet the right people

Of course, so much of developing a successful start-up is all about who you know, not what you know. But not everyone is blessed with a contacts book to turn their competitors green with envy. Start building yours today – carry business cards everywhere, and always follow up on chance meetings and encounters. Basing yourself from a London virtual office like City Virtual Hub at the Union Club is also a great way to network with other creatives and forge fruitful connections. 

Stay flexible

Despite your best-laid plans, businesses sometimes just fail. The key is to not give up whenever you suffer a setback. By making sure your venture is adaptable, you can make quick adjustments where necessary to keep yourself afloat. Sticking too rigidly to any ideas is a recipe for disaster. And remember, it’s a marathon, NOT a sprint!