Five Ways to Beat the Competition

The world of startups can be competitive, and it’s getting more so every day. As it becomes easier and easier to launch your own business, you’re bound to find yourself up against several other ventures competing for the same custom. Luckily, there’s no need to panic. Check out our list of five great ways to trump your rivals.

How can your business take home the gold?

How can your business take home the gold?

Employ the cream of the crop

The world definitely doesn’t have a shortage of fresh graduates looking for employment - and if you can harness their energy, ideas and enthusiasm, you can easily boost your business head and shoulders above the rest. To make sure you’re working with the very best, develop a presence at your local university and cultivate an image as a company that likes to foster new talents.

Build your family

One way to ensure your success over that of your competitors is to inspire brand loyalty in your customers. You want to make people feel like they’re part of the family, especially those who have been with you since the start. Loyalty schemes, special events or promotions for ‘friends’ and fantastic customer service are all ways to ensure people keep coming back for more. 

Get professional

If you’re worried that your mail order business run from a back room in Milton Keynes just won’t have the same impact as a sleek-looking catalogue based at a swanky London address, you might have a point. If your business is outside of the capital, consider getting a London mail forwarding address to take care of all your official mail – giving the appearance of a posh city office without the expense.

Make the most of social media

Of course, it’s a given these days that any new venture needs to have a presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but many companies fail to use these tools to the best of their abilities. Don’t flood your feeds with boring information – employ a professional to develop unique and interesting content inspired by your business. The more genuine shares and likes you get, the more people will get to know your brand – and choose you over your competitors, of course.

Friends in high places

Nothing gives your business a boost quite like the recommendations of people who are already established in their fields. If you want to see and be seen in the startup world, it’s worth considering signing up for a virtual office in London. You’ll get all the networking benefits associate with working from a cool, creative office in the capital, while keeping the freedom to work flexibly from home or abroad.