How Can I make My Business More Efficient?

What Tools Can You Use to Streamline Your Business?

Which online tools can help you work better and faster?

Which online tools can help you work better and faster?

There are thousands of ways to make your company more efficient, from offering assistance with Project Management to simple extensions that can enhance your existing software. We review 5 tools that can streamline your business, along with hints and advice to help you make the best choice for you and your company.

Trello: Organisation At Its Finest

Trello is a Project Management board that allows you to view who is working on what at any given time. Organised through a simple set of boards, you can work from a title card through each stage of the project by adding and editing a series of to-do lists and ideas. A very useful tool. It’s main drawback though is that if the internet goes down, so does the to-do list – meaning it needs to be an ideas board rather than the main framework for a project.

Streak for Gmail: Manage Your Customer Relationships

Streak for Gmail is a Google Chrome CRM extension that allows you to manage your customers, contacts and deals right from your email account. It also rather niftily allows you to schedule your emails and see who opened them and when. You can also create “pipelines” – workflow processes that allow you to see how far along you in a task or deal. Downside: it’s only available on Chrome, and the Report creation function still needs a little improvement.

Revue (  “Tumblr But For Newsletters”

Pegging itself as “Tumblr but for newsletters”, Revue allows you to create newsletters for your business. The landing page allows for easy fan subscription while allowing you to collate content, as well as adding your own words to create your personal touch and design before you hit send. Never before has it been this simple to create a good eye-catching newsletter. Like! Discover and Connect At Your Leisure

Connect6 allows you to connect with contacts quickly and effectively. You can obtain contact details, client interests and details without being limited to social media profiles. It runs inside your browser and updates you with real time info on people as you browse profiles and search the internet. A useful tool to see who you’re emailing and find out more about them - especially if you’re arranging to meet someone you haven’t met before making it easier to pick them out in a crowded coffee shop!

StayFocusd: Manage Your Time Wisely

StayFocusd helps you to stay focused on your work by restricting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting activities like web browsing, social media, emails etc. It cleverly allows you to track time and manage how long you spend procrastinating on unnecessary websites. Time is broken down into easy-to-digest 25 minute chunks, with the theory being that 25 minutes of work alongside breaks makes for effective time management. The main drawback of StayFocusd is that it’s only available on Chrome: perhaps it’s time to start downloading!

Check out these tools and let us know how you get on. Here’s to a productive 2016!