How do I stop nuisance phone calls for free?

How do I stop nuisance phone calls for free

Telesales marketing calls are a nuisance for any business or individual. And this is a question we find a lot of people asking - how do I stop nuisance phone calls for free?

It might be repeated calls about your energy supply, or about making a claim for an injury that the person on the phone insists you’ve had (although you’re pretty sure you’d remember if you actually had!). Whatever the reason, they can get annoying. Not to mention take up valuable time. 

Often new companies start getting ‘junk mail’ calls when they register their business with Companies House. This tends to happen because records on Companies House and other indexes are public. Telesales and marketing companies buy these lists, then use them as a way of generating leads or trying to sell you something.

Over time, this often dies down, but not always.

So how do you stop them?

There are 2 ways that we know of and have found effective.

Firstly, most phones these days have the ability to block calls from a particular number.

If you’re getting lots of calls from a company that you don’t want to speak to or have asked to stop calling, add them to your blocked call list. You can sometimes do this via your phone operator too.

When you do this, your phone will then head them off at the pass, so to speak, and you won’t receive phone calls or messages from that number.

How to block a nuisance phone number

The second thing you can do, is add your number to the official UK register which allows you to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls. 

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is the official central opt out registry in the UK and allows individuals and companies to opt out of receiving marketing and sales calls.

It is a legal requirement that companies do not make calls to numbers that are registered on the TPS.

If your number is on this list and you receive unsolicited sales and marketing calls from a company, you can make a complaint via the TPS who will follow up and investigate on your behalf.

It will take around 28 days from putting your number on the TPS register to filter through to the telemarketers, who are then legally obliged not to call your number. However, you should start to see a gradual reduction in calls from day 1.

Give it a go, register your number, and rest easy that you can now stop getting so many unwanted calls.

N.B. The TPS service does not work for Mothers-in-Law or Exes! ;)