How To Be Your Best During Work Hours

We don't all have jobs quite as important as Tim Peake. But we also can’t always be ‘switched on’. And in spite of what your boss might wish for, we aren’t machines, and might occasionally find it hard to be productive (at 5 pm on a Friday, for example). Here’s some of our tips on how to be at your best during your working day.

Snoozing on the job isn't always an option

Snoozing on the job isn't always an option

Determine Your ‘Ideal’ Working Hours

Not everyone fits neatly into the 9-5 category. Do you rise with the sun or are you more of a night owl? While realistically your hours are also dependent on your clients, it’s always worth considering when you are ‘at your best’. If you are one of the lucky few that can finish a report before 8am, then perhaps you should consider adjusting your schedule to factor in your early bird nature.

Actively Listen

We remember less than 50% of what we hear. That means that 50% of the conversations we have are shot down before they even start! Get the most out of every conversation by focusing on the key points and taking the time to jot them down. Actively listen and check the key points with that customer. While you might be keen to get off the phone and action that important email, taking a few extra minutes to clarify an uncertain point could be the key to hours of unnecessary work.

Streamline Your Channels

Streamlining your communication channels could save you hours of unnecessary administration. Why not get a virtual office address? Have your mail forwarded on to you securely and a London phone number ready to use on the go with City Virtual Hub. Let us manage some of your communication channels while you can invest time on managing the important parts of your business.

Destroy Your Distractions

Did you spend the whole day with that one worry looming over you? Destroy those distractions by being proactive about resolving things that are easily solved. Be it booking that dentist appointment or calling that chatterbox client – get it done! Before something that could be easily solved takes on unnecessarily large proportions. 

Do Less, Achieve More

The true leaders in our society are those which invest their time wisely. Rather than spreading themselves thinly across multiple areas, they spend time becoming experts in a narrower number of fields. The same applies to work; if you take the time to improve two key skills rather than just trying to be better overall, you will soon find yourself excelling.