How To Keep Your Content Fresh

How to keep your content strategy fresh

How to keep your content strategy fresh

Are your long hours draining your brain of that all-important, traffic-inducing content? If you are finding it a struggle to constantly create exciting new topics to drive readers to your site, the below sites and tips may be the key to keeping things relevant for your target reader.

Create A Content Schedule

It’s always important to have some flexibility in your content to keep up to date with last minute news and trends, but adopting a content schedule could be the key to preparing yourself for that last minute mental wipe-out. Using posting tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Klout can help you set up all your social media in advance. Creating a plan at least a week before will mean that you don’t have to worry about last minute set-backs delaying content delivery.

Use Analytic Sites To Find Relevant Articles

When in doubt, search the net. If you want to avoid time wasting trawling through sites for useful material, use Topsy or Buzzsumo. Two great sites that monitor trending articles and topics. If you type in even the vaguest idea that comes to mind, you are bound to get streams of material that you can provide a new take on. Topsy monitors Twitter activity, which is great when searching for the most up-to-date articles of the day or week.

Monitor Your Own Web Traffic

See how your own content and digital material is faring on the web with free sites that monitor your online activity. As well as manipulating Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn’s own analytics software, using stats monitors online such as Twitter Counter can help you see in a neatly presented graph which content fared the best that week.

Start incorporating the above into your own content strategy and you are bound to see results. The amount of sites that can track your online activity and content are endless, so find the one that works best for you. Happy, blogging, posting and tweeting!