How to Stay in Love With Your Job

It’s easy to fall into a love-hate relationship with your work, even with your own business. But how do you stay passionate about work when you breathe it day in, day out?

Keeping the passion for your work

Keeping the passion for your work

We have some advice that may help you keep the relationship going:

Take A Break

Working 14 hours straight without taking some personal time will make your working life extremely dull. Try to take at least 1 night a week where you do something that is completely unrelated to work. Develop other interests and they can only benefit your working life. Join a book club, join a gym or take up pottery – whatever gets you out of your regular routine.

Have An Outlet

Everyone has their “happy place” – whether you find it when running in the park or drinking herbal tea. Take half an hour out of your schedule each day to do that one thing that makes you happy. If you can do it straight after or before work then it creates a border between your working and private life, making it easier to relax after a busy day.

Think About What You Are Doing

Reflect on your goals – are you still on track? Sometimes it’s easy to veer of course when you get bogged down in the daily activity of making your business work. Look at where you are as opposed to where you were 5 months ago. You’ve made progress! Think about your goals and always question why you are doing what you are doing.

Be Inspired

Let’s face it – if everyone is pushing themselves too hard, you may not find inspiration in your working life. Go out for lunch with someone that is doing something they love. Ask them about it. These are always great people to network with too – they naturally attract a lot of people. Then you can feed it back to your team. If you are working alone it’s especially important to network with inspired people regularly.

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