What challenges does starting up your startup face?

Help your business stand out from the crowd and get ahead in the early stages

Help your business stand out from the crowd and get ahead in the early stages

How do I help my business get ahead in the early stages?

You’ve made the exhilarating decision to turn full-time entrepreneur. Now comes the daunting prospect of making this idea work. Here’s some of the challenges you may face, and how you can stand out from the crowd.

How do I save costs (especially at the beginning)?

Factoring costs like office space and coordinating your talent may seem like a far off prospect for the newest start-up, but creating a unified office location and contact number in the early stages can be essential for forming the structure of your new business and saving money from the get-go. This is something that a virtual office with City Virtual Hub can help you with; with one Soho postcode and number you can create a central and professional contact point for your business - even if you’re still working out of your bedroom or your Mum’s garage.

How do I begin to grow my reputation?

For your fledgling company, reputation is everything. With a London location, you can build up your branding and client base around a trustworthy and vibrant location which will suit your company’s values and culture. In a time when competition is also everything for a startup, a London postcode right from the start will automatically give you an edge amongst a culture of remote working and the coffee shop entrepreneurs.

What can you do to get an edge over your competitors?

A London postcode and number can make you unique amongst your competitors, as can flexibility when taking calls. You could be based in the UK, Spain, America, anywhere, and take calls to your mobile or landline. This sort of flexibility can give you a USP to prospective customers who will value your quick response time, all while you fit in calls around your location and schedule.

How do I manage rapid growth?

If you are in a later stage with your business, and find yourself taking on more employees and work, a virtual office mail forwarding service could be an essential way of bringing together all your mail in one place. As well as provide a solid foundation for a looser network of remote workers, and as a virtual way to bring the group and company together.

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