Building Social Capital – How Co-working Can Make Your Business Stronger

Building Social Capital - How Co-working Can Make Your Business Stronger

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The business world is forever changing – now perhaps more so than ever before. But as traditional ways of working adapt and evolve, so to does our understanding of what constitutes capital and assets. As we grow more and more connected, jobseekers and potential customers are just as likely to choose a company based on their Facebook page as they are from any offline reputation. So how can you build your social capital and make your start-up a success in the modern age?Improving your social capital is all about building strong relationships with the people around you. In business, part of this involves taking a responsible attitude towards your clients and customers. Successful ventures put people first, fostering trust and investing in products and services that serve a greater good. But in order to get to that point, many start-ups will first need to work on their own social networks – and that’s where co-working and virtual office hubs come in.

The old way of working is growing more and more ineffective as business models change. In a world where flexibility and diversity are key, sharing the same dull office space with your entire team day in and day out doesn’t seem like such a smart choice. Nor does paying for expensive office space you don’t really need. Instead, more and more businesses are choosing to base themselves out of co-working or virtual office hubs, where they can benefit from sharing space with a variety of dynamic, creative workers. In big cities such as London, co-working spaces and virtual hubs like City Virtual Hub, represent a chance to work in the heart of a collaborative community, making connections and building the social capital of your business.

As well as improving the productivity of your team, going virtual is great for growing your business as a whole. Not only will you have plenty of people on hand to bounce your ideas off of, you’ll also be perfectly placed for cherry-picking new talent when the need arises. Sharing office space will open up new doors of opportunity every day, each with the potential to move your business in an exciting new direction.

Today, the connections that we make are a vital part of our success. So if you’re looking to improve your business’ social capital, why not choose to go virtual and embrace the power of collective working?


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