Five Reasons to Choose a London Virtual Office

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So you’ve finally made the decision. It’s time to move your startup forwards, and you’ve decided that a virtual office is the right way to go. You can wave goodbye to filling your home with cluttered desks and unsorted mail, and take your first steps towards success. But with different services popping up everywhere, which one should you choose? We think a London virtual office is best – and here’s why.


We all know that London draws the cream of the crop, from emerging designers and developers to all manner of artistic and creative types. All of them could have something amazing to add to your project – but you’ll never know unless you get yourself out there. With a London virtual office that has a good strong associated community, you’ll get to mingle and network with some of the UK’s brightest brains.


Nothing screams professional like an upmarket London address, but when you’re a business just starting out it’s difficult to picture yourself in a swanky office in Soho or Canary Wharf. The good news is that you can give your clients the impression of a base in the capital without the expense by using your virtual office to establish a London mail forwarding address.


If you’re looking to eventually expand your business on an international scale, London is one of the best places you can base yourself. You’ll be surrounded with people from all over the world, forging all the connections needed to launch your ideas on a global scale.


Whether you love it or hate it, you need to get stuck into London if you want to get ahead in the start-up world. Fortunately, a virtual office can give you the opportunity to get physical space in the capital whenever you need it. From swish meeting rooms that are sure to impress future clients to members-only restaurants perfect for that business lunch, you can get access to a range of facilities without having to pay for a permanent space.


As the startup capital of Europe, there’s no place better than London to base your new venture. People love new ideas here, and whether you’re looking for crowdfunding support for your next venture or funding from potential investors, you’ll find having a London address opens up a whole world of opportunities.

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