New Year, New Business: How You Can Build On Your Success For A Fantastic 2017

New Year, New Business: How You Can Build On Your Success For A Fantastic 2017

Is your established venture or company stuck in a rut? Or perhaps you’re a new start-up hoping that 2017 is the year you’ll really get to shine? There are plenty of reasons you could be hoping for a business boost, but experts agree – there’s no better time to kick things up a notch than the new year. Here are some tips for helping your business to grow in 2017.

The arrival of the new year is a great time to take stock of your past failures and successes, and to see what you can learn from them. To start off with, create a list of all the things about your business that you were unsatisfied with over the past year in 2016. It could be failing to reach those key markets, not making enough sales or something less tangible such as not building enough of a rapport with customers and clients. Whatever it is, write it down – then think about what changes need to happen to erase these problems in the new year.

Of course, it’s not all about the negative – so after writing down what you’re not happy with, make sure you make a list of what you’ve loved about your business the past year. Think about how you can replicate – or better yet, build upon – these successes for a bigger, brighter 2017. If you’re pleased with customer feedback, for example, why not plan more interaction such as rewards and competitions? Or, if you love the new product you’ve developed, think about exactly what you like about it and how that might translate to other ideas.

The next step is to plan your actions for the next year. Whether you have a new product to release, the next phase of your business idea to roll out or a shake-up in the staff department planned, choosing the right time of year for each step is essential. For example, the launch of a new health food or lifestyle app is a great fit for the start of the year when everyone wants to feel virtuous after their festive indulgences, while anything based around social networks is better saved for the later months. You should also take time to research predicted new trends, and try to find ways to make your ideas fit in with what’s set to be hot in 2017.

Finally, if things aren’t quite working out for you, there’s no better time to rebrand and reinvigorate your business. Keep what you love, scrap what you don’t, and start over – if it can work for people it can work for start-ups too! Don’t have the time or energy for a total reimagining? Why not stir up interest with a special new year promotion or offer? It could be just the thing to give your business a boost and welcome in a successful 2017.

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