Top 5 global destinations for digital nomads

Top 5 global destinations for digital nomads


Some say that Bali is the place that started it all, and this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean is still a top location for remote workers. Surprisingly high-tech co-working spaces provide fast internet and cheap desk access, while world-renowned surfing beaches, ancient temples and soaring mountains ensure your spare time is never dull.


Famous as one of the world’s hippest cities, Berlin is a mecca for digital nomads. Attracted by the cheap rents and even cheaper beer, creative professionals come here in droves to spend their days working from cool lofts and studios and their nights partying in the city’s legendary clubs.


While Bangkok used to be Thailand’s major destination for remote working, the cooler climate and more laid-back atmosphere of Chiang Mai in the north has been luring in-the-know travellers for years. With a low cost of living, amazing food and endless stunning countryside to explore, it’s an incredible place to make your temporary home.


What it lacks in budget-friendly appeal, San Francisco more than makes up for on other counts. Digital nomads will love the high quality of life, excellent WiFi access and vibrant cultural scene, while those in the technology industry will get a buzz from rubbing shoulders with the Silicon Valley elite.


A somewhat new addition to the remote working scene, Hong Kong has some of the fastest internet in the world and a business-orientated, tax friendly environment that definitely appeals to entrepreneurs. As a bonus, you get great food, a low cost of living and a fantastic base for affordable jaunts to the rest of Asia.

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