London Virtual Office

A Professional Virtual Business Address In Soho London.

A Prime Central London Address For You

With our London Virtual Office packages, you get a prime central London address for your business and we handle all your office mail for you – forwarding it to your home address or wherever you are in the world, or scanning and emailing it to you giving you instant access to your mail.

Get your mail forwarded to your home/other office address or or scanned and emailed to you wherever you are in the world.

A more modern & personalized version of the traditional London PO Box or Mailboxes Etc service.

Our secure and affordable London Virtual Office service on Greek Street in Soho, can help build your business’s brand and reputation.

Gives you the peace of mind that you will receive your mail wherever in the UK or the world you are based.

Virtual Office in London with Mail Forwarding or Mail Scanning

  • You use our address as your registered business address (on your website, stationery, marketing materials, at Companies House etc).

  • We then receive your post then sort and forward it on to you 1st class the same day it arrives.

  • Or alternatively, we can securely open, scan & email it to you the same day it arrives. (We then securely shred and delete the original files after a set period).

  • You receive your mail efficiently and securely, and you get the benefits of telling your customers, clients and suppliers that you have a prestigious central London office address.

  • To set up your very own London Business Address today, simply choose the package below that suits you best, and one of our team will be in touch to get you fully set up.

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