5 Tools to Make You More Productive

There are many tools on hand to help you maximise your business productivity. But which ones are best for you?

Be more efficient now

Be more efficient now

Our team at City Virtual Hub have pooled together the tools we think will help you be more productive. From team building tools to time-optimising sites, you’re sure to find something to help you and your business.

Toggl: Time saving made easy

Toggl makes time management easy. Whether you are a freelancer, a start-up or an SME, with Toggl you simply start and stop when you want to measure how much time you spend on one activity. You can create individual projects with tasks that you wish to complete, or just type in what you are currently working on and click start to record. Completely convenient and cost effective too – for up to 5 users is free, with plans that go from Toggl Pro to Toggl Business depending on your business needs. The one drawback is that you can’t run multiple timers simultaneously.

Rating: 4 stars
They say: Time Tracker & Employee Timesheet Software - It’s insanely simple.
Get it here: https://toggl.com/

Slack: Channel your chatter

Slack is a great platform that allows you to streamline your company conversation into different channels. It also allows you to add different update feeds from various sources such as email and forums. The way to make Slack to work for you is to customise it; to some users it could seem disorganised. Great for small remote teams and small scale projects and quick message responses, not quite so easy for managing large team conversations or long-term projects.

Rating: 4 stars
They say: Be less busy
Get it here: https://slack.com/

Asana: Great for team projects

Asana is similar to Slack in that it allows you to manage team projects and information all in one place. It’s not as “pretty” as Slack and looks more like an old social media newsfeed, but easily allows you to designate tasks to different users. Great for small teams, pretty pointless for individual users. Asana is free for teams up to 15 though (which is quite a large number) and for a small price per month you can have an unlimited number of team members.

Rating: 2.5 stars
They say: Move work forward
Get it here: https://asana.com/

IFTTT: If you use this, then you will be more productive

An excellent time-saving tool, IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It allows you to create “recipes” that merge together app functions and processes. For instance every time you upload a WordPress article to your site it automatically saves it to Dropbox. Upload images to Instagram? IFTTT can have it simultaneously posted to Facebook. The drawback? It only allows you to link two apps at a time.
Rating: 3.5 stars
They say: Connect The Apps You Love
Get it here: https://ifttt.com/

EverNote: Remember your great ideas on-the-go

EverNote has been on the market for a while now, and has always been a safe go-to for accessing you notes. It’s allows you to do anything and everything – from taking simple notes, to recording data and keeping a dairy to manage your schedule. It’s available as a web format, desktop and mobile app, making it easy to access your notes wherever you may be. The only downside is that the web app is more basic than the desktop and mobile tools. There’s also rumours the company is struggling to make money in spite of having 150 million users, so may not be the most long term reliable place for your life’s work.

Rating:  3 stars
They say: The note-taking space for your life's work
Get it here: https://evernote.com

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