How can a Virtual Office London help you manage your remote work force?

With more startups employing virtual teams, a Virtual Office London service can really help to cement your business in the real world and match your workforce with a physical point of reference for employees and customers alike. 

How can a Virtual Office London work for your business?

How can a Virtual Office London work for your business?

Whether you’re an international office looking for a London postcode to unify your global team, or you have remote workers dispersed around the UK, here’s how City Virtual Hub can help you streamline your company.

Communication on the go with a Local London Phone Number

If you are constantly travelling and need to remain contactable across time zones, our dedicated London phone number means you can keep your channels of communication open. Your customers can feel you are always on hand to help, while your calls can be forwarded directly to your mobile. You don’t even have to tell them you're out of the office! Or maybe a more comprehensive virtual PA service is what you need. Coming soon to City Virtual Hub’s range of services - Register your interest HERE and we’ll let you know as soon as this goes live.

Scanning your mail and saving you time

You don’t need to worry about collecting your mail with our Mail Forwarding and Mail Scanning services. You could be based in Malta or Manchester, but your mail will always find you on the same day it reaches us. Meaning you can cut back on administration time and focus on keeping in touch with your team and your customers.

Security and peace of mind

Worried about security in awaiting important documentation? We securely open documents right before scanning them on to you, and shred them after a pre-agreed period. So you don’t have to worry about important documentation being lost or stored.

Centralised London meeting space

Your business could be thriving, yet having a remote working team may mean you don’t have a set meeting space. Looking to impress a client? Signing up with City Virtual Hub for your London Registered Business Address allows you to book meeting rooms at the vibrant Soho Union Club at a discounted rate.

Meet the team

Looking to unify your team through group events? If they are coming to London, why not come down for a Union Club lunch before your team building activities? Combining the relaxed feel of the Union Club with our prestigious London Business Address will certainly make your team feel they are part of something big.

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