Why Having a London Phone Number is Crucial for Your Start-up

Why Having a London Phone Number is Crucial for Your Start-up

You don’t have to be in London to have a London phone number. Our very own Virtual Phone service allows your calls to be forwarded to your personal or work phone elsewhere, outside of the capital or within. As you don’t need to be in London, you could be anywhere in the world – the flexibility and professional image afforded by a London-based virtual office number is an offer too good to pass up. Our team takes a look at some of its key benefits.

Virtual Office London – the way forward

Permanent office space is no longer a feature of many people’s working lives. As costs of working in London continue to soar whilst its reputation enhances, and the internet has provided entrepreneurs with more flexibility in how they operate their businesses, more and more people are choosing to work from home or from shared working spaces.

For serial entrepreneurs, in particular, the ability to receive calls on the move, even across the world, ranges from being both a flexible benefit to an outright necessity. Anchoring your business in the UK capital gives your business the appearance of roots, whilst affording you with even greater flexibility in taking your dynamic startup to where the business is.

Privacy and security

Securing your work phone to a London number is not just for the benefit of those continually on the move, however. The changing nature of living in the UK means a number of young entrepreneurs no longer possess a landline. The rise of alternative and shared living has further driven a shift towards mobile networking. Cheap rates of virtual office phones can rival and even undercut the costs of line rentals and other costs of landline phones.

Few businesses can give off a professional image with a mobile phone number as their main business number, yet even those with landlines may enjoy the added benefits of security and privacy by masking both your work and home phone number online.

A professional office number helps start-ups appear as the trusted, established businesses they aspire to be. But what is it about London which makes the capital the best location to base your virtual phone number?

Start-up central, Global reference point

With the powerful image of the start-up hub that is Silicon Roundabout, and the growth of Croydon as the ‘Silicon Valley of the South’, London’s growth shows few signs of slowing. For start-ups from a variety of fields, London’s status as a hub of innovation and financial growth serves only to boost the reputation of the business associated with it.

One of very few, truly global reference points for international clients, London is the ideal city to attach your business’ name too. Marketing your company effectively is vital in a competitive start-up environment, with so many innovative companies vying for market space. A London connection can be your very own window to the world, and its many potential clients and investors demanding your service.

Inherently scalable

The beauty of a virtual phone lies in its flexibility. This extends from location to its wider adaptability around the changing dynamics of a growing start-up. As your business scales, you may move between home offices, hot desking facilities, flexible office access and a permanent office. Upheaval can be disruptive – maintaining a consistent, outward-facing phone number further aids an image of being an established, successful business whilst you grow and transform into precisely that.

Many businesses harbour aspirations of one day being in the capital. A virtual phone number can play a crucial part in this process – place yours in London and grow your start-up with the image of the business you want to be.

To find out more about registering a London phone number, email City Virtual Hub today.

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