The awesome benefits of a virtual phone number

The awesome benefits of a virtual phone number

With a virtual phone number, you can set up a business 020 phone number but without needing a new phone or phone line. You can purchase a number that automatically reroutes calls to your personal phone, but without having to give out your private number. As such, virtual phone numbers allow you to enjoy a host of benefits, including the following:

Take your business wherever you go

Modern business demands that we’re a lot more agile and able to get on the move. Whether you’re visiting clients, networking, or attending conferences, you don’t want to be tied down to your desk simply because that’s where your phone is. A virtual telephone number can have all your calls rerouted to any smartphone of your choice, so you can keep up with your business on the road without worrying about missing the next opportunity.

Keep your communications organized

Separating the business from the personal is a tip that’s worth implementing as soon as you possibly can. This goes for your phone number as much as anything else. Your private phone number should remain private. Virtual phone numbers allow you some separation and some privacy so that you can keep your personal details to yourself. You can make and receive calls from both your personal and business numbers on one device, but it allows you to shut off your business phone when you’re out of hours, too.

More cost-effective than the alternatives

A virtual phone number allows you to set up a professional method for clients and partners to get in touch without having to give out your private phone number. It’s a significantly more cost-effective way to keep your business and personal communications separate compared to buying a second smartphone or investing in installing a landline. Finding the most inexpensive, yet effective, way to run things, including your comms, is essential for the healthy growth of your business.

Ensure your brand is represented the right way

020 numbers allow for a much more professional representation of the business rather than using your personal phone number, which can make you look like a significantly smaller and less serious kind of business owner. Furthermore, you can ensure that your brand remains consistent by having a specially made voicemail message rather than having to rely on your personal one. Consistency in branding is crucial, so make sure that your phone helps you maintain it.

Benefit from a range of features

Virtual phone numbers can come with a range of helpful features. This includes not only call forwarding, but text and email notifications of calls, conferencing abilities, and extensions for more people in the team. You don’t need an extensive setup for your in-office call routing system, with the right virtual telephone number.

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