Soho – The perfect choice for a virtual office

Soho - The perfect choice for a virtual office

Are you looking for the perfect location for your virtual office? The area you choose will form a crucial part of your business brand and the right area will be a fantastic asset for your company.

Here’s why a virtual office in Soho could be the right choice.

The Location

An area in the City of Westminster and part of the West End in London, Soho has been a key entertainment district of the city since the 19th century. Today, it is a fashionable district which is filled with everything from upmarket restaurants as well as media offices. It is a popular tourist spot, particularly for those who are interested in getting the best shopping experience that London has to offer. As such, it could help you attract clients from all over the world searching for companies in this location online.

The People of Soho

There’s a reason everyone knows Soho and that’s due to the people who have frequented this area. That includes Keith Moon who used to complete performances with his band at the Marquee Club. Indeed, there’s still a blue plaque to commemorate this fact today. Dougie Millings who provided the outfits for the Beatles also had his first shop here and the location is embedded in popular culture.

From musician George Melly to author Robert Louis Stevenson and even Charles Dickens many people have referenced this famed district. It’s even included in the famous song by The Who ‘Pinball Wizard’ and our very own #49 Greek St was a folk bar in the 1960’s which featured famous musicians such as Paul Simon and boasted several albums that were recorded there. Soho is also home to London’s gay community and has a diverse, rich culture. Countless people don’t just visit Soho, they choose to call it home, making it the perfect place to target for new clients and customers.

When you choose Soho for your virtual office, you’re not just selecting a location. You’ll be cementing your brand as part of an area that is well known by people all over the UK and the rest of the world. On-trend and incredibly popular you will be amazed by the impact that this address can have when it’s attached to your business.

Businesses of Soho’s

Of course, this neighbourhood isn’t just known for its bustling crowds and lively entertainment options. In recent years it has become a business hub and the home of many big businesses in the UK. For instance, on Carnaby Street, there’s VANS. This is one of the only stores for the brand that exists in the UK and it’s right here in Soho. It’s not the only designer clothing store that has set up shop here either. Soho is also home to Superdry, Calvin Klein, and size? This is just more evidence that Soho is an incredibly on-trend area that is sure to attract young business professionals and clients.

On top of all that, Soho also boasts some of the most amazing places to eat and drink. Be sure to visit “De Dems” a famous old Dutch pub which was once a refuge for homesick Dutch sailors, which later became a meeting place for the Dutch Resistance during the second world war. If you are looking for somewhere to eat, you won’t get much better than L’ Escargot, situated next door to us at #48 Greek St, delivery fine French dining classics in a converted townhouse with artworks by Miro, Warhol and Picasso.

But what about office businesses in Soho? There are several that have set up their location right here in this central district. Bow & Arrow – a reputable business management consultant is based in Soho square as is We Are Xpert – a prestigious B2B service. There are marketing consultants too including Journey H Q and Top Left Design. Marketing companies are also particularly prominent in this area.

We hope you see now why Soho could be the number one choice for your virtual office.

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